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Corn, Quechua I choccllo, is the name used to name the tender corn cob.
Corn along with wheat and rice is one of the most nutritious cereals.
It can be eaten boiled, in the salty sweet cakes, sauces, with rice, soups, creams, humitas, inter alia.
The concentrated corn 87% crude fiber type soluble and insoluble, the latter with laxative property.
The mealy part contains 87% starch, 8% protein and very little fat; germ, yellow and contains almost elongated portion 33% fat and 20% protein.
While, the 72% is starch but also contains sugar, fructose and glucose that provide the sweet taste characteristic.
Also, contains minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. As vitamins, stands vitamin E and vitamin A. The latter in the variety of yellow corn, White has very little amount or no.
Natural choclo
The caloric intake of corn is 115 calories 100 grams, recommended in digestive problems such as constipation, cholesterol lowering and weight loss diets.