Peach Jam

Peach jam Doña Pupa

Peach Jam
Doña Pupa

The apricot jam product is a pasty or gelatinous consistency, obtained by cooking and concentration of healthy peach fruits, adequately prepared, with addition of sweeteners, with or without addition of water.

The whole fruit can go, chunks, strips or fine particles must be dispersed evenly throughout the product.
The peach jam making are the most popular methods for preserving fruits in general, requires an optimum balance between the level of sugar, The amount of pectin and acidity.

A real peach jam must present a bright color and attractive, reflecting the color of the fruit itself, must also appear well gelled without reflecting much rigidity, so that could spread well and have a good peach flavor.

You should also keep well when stored in a cool, preferably dark, dry.
The peach fruit differ depending on the variety and maturity, even the size and shape of the container used for cooking, influence the outcome by varying the rate at which water evaporates during cooking, packing, cooled, labeled and stored.

Sugar is an essential ingredient. Demists a vital role in gelling pectin combined with the.

It is important to note that the concentration of sugar in the jam should prevent both fermentation and crystallization. They are quite narrow limits between the probability of ferment marmalade that contains little sugar and those that can crystallize because it contains too much sugar.

In general the best combination to maintain the quality and achieve proper gelling and a good taste is usually obtained when the 60% the final weight of the added sugar comes jam. The resulting jam will contain a higher percentage of sugar due to the natural sugars present in fruit.