Plum Jam

Plum is a very thin skin juicy fruit, sometimes acid. It is notable for its high content of Vitamins, sales, iron, football, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Plums, away from their belief contain very little vitamin C and E.

Plum jam Doña Pupa

Plum Jam
Doña Pupa

However, contribute significant amounts of essential minerals for the proper functioning of our cells.
The plum jam is a good remedy for cough. To soothe the throat, Dissolve a tablespoon of jam plum in a cup of hot lemon water before going to bed.

The presentation of the plum jam, makes it more comfortable incorporating food, because it can be combined very well in breakfast, snacks and meals, as well as, helps achieve unparalleled desserts and confections.

plum Fruit