Presentacion en pan de 5 KG

We start from a carefully selected fruit with special varieties in our own plantations in the province of Mendoza to achieve the highest quality in our products.
We have latest machinery to get the best quality of market indices.

The quince Quince is the fruit of, tree of the Rosaceae family that reaches about 4 meters. This family includes more than 2.000 herbaceous species, shrubs and trees distributed in temperate regions worldwide.

Major European fruit, addition to Rose, belong to this great family. The healthy properties of quince due to its abundance of fiber (pectin and mucilage) and tannins, substances that give an astringent property quintessential. The quince, also contains malic acid, organic acid part of the plant pigment that provides a fruit flavor, with disinfectant property and promote the elimination of uric acid. Potassium is a mineral necessary for the generation and transmission of nerve impulses and normal muscle activity, intervenes on the water balance inside and outside the cell.

We have this product, like the sweet potato “Doña Pupa” Batata y with Cocoa “Doña Pupa”, in bread 5 kg and canning 3 and 5 kg.

Now we bring our new presentations:



Sweet membrilo, a super great presentation Repostera and Bakery.

With the usual quality.

Doña quince Pupa X 10 Kg.



Membrillo 500gr

By Quince 500 Gr.