Dulce de Batata

Dulce de Batata Doña Pupa - Presentacion por 500 grThere is variety when the fruit leegir suitable for our Sweet Batata.La variety we chose for our candy production is abundant in carotene, high intake of vitamin A, E and C and folic acid.
Very rich in starch (carbon hydrate), as well as sodium and potassium. The sweet potato or yam also called. A native of the tropics American, given different names depending on the region of origin, and Sweet Potato (Spain, Cuba and Fernando Po), sweet potato, Kumara (Peru), face the jetica (Brazil), moniato the sweet potato (Mexico), patata dulce o batata azucarada (Europe and Asia).

There are also mixed sweets, such as sweet potatoes with caramel, with chocolate, with cherries and cherries. We offer the sweet potato “Doña Pupa”, in two forms, 5kg bar and canned sweet “Doña Pupa”, the 3kg.

Dulce de Batata Doña Pupa - Presentacion Lata de 3 kg