Soaked dried peas

Peas fresh or dried are muy rich in phosphorus, so are very useful for brain frail and those who engage in work requiring wear cerebral.

Presentation of 200Gr Doña Pupa

Presentation of 200Gr
Doña Pupa

The canned vegetables provide similar nutritional value fresh peers, and allow use as soon as the package is opened, Preparation saving time.

The great variety of vegetables imposes a challenge: choose those that please us well as we provide a good ratio of nutrients and adapt, course, to our economy and to our pocket. We know that the food cost station is the wealthiest and is the best for us from every point of view, not only economic but also of taste, tenderness and nutrient content.

We offer, Soaked dried peas “Doña Pupa”, in Lata of 350 gr.

Benefits and properties peas: And oxidants are remineralizadoras. Recommended in anemia and wasting.
Peas fresh are highly recommended in arteriosclerosis and in dyspepsia.
The broth filtrate peas fresh and tender boiled is a good remedy to cure indigestion, stomach disorders and liver, special and colds, colds and fevers.

natural peas
The same broth peas well fresh and tender and even with healthy wraps, is a special food for making soups for children weak, stunted, providing equal services in convalescence and wasting.

It is the ideal product for you to offer your table healthy nutritious meals, Current women's own needs millennial simplify kitchen work.